Friday, September 4, 2009

Cellfire E-coupons (Kroger, Dominick's, and More!) is a website that offers some great electronic coupons that you can load to your grocery store card and/or cell phone (see the link in my sidebar!). At this time, the only grocery stores that I am aware of with cards linked to Cellfire are Kroger (including stores like Dillons, JayC, Smith's, Ralphs, King Soopers, Baker's, City Market, QFC, and Fry's) and Safeway stores (e.g., Dominick's, Vons, Tom Thumb). After going to their website, you set up an account and add your store card; then you can select the coupons that you want to add to your card. When you use your store card at check-out, the coupons should automatically come off at the end.

I usually add all the available coupons, just so they're there if I decide I want them. After you add the coupons, I think it's a good idea to print out a list of your loaded coupons so that you remember what all you loaded and make sure you get the correct item when you go to the store. The coupons currently on the site must be saved by 9/7 (Monday), and they expire on 9/21. If you use a Cellfire coupon in addition to a manufacturer coupon for the same item, you can save even more.

In addition to grocery coupons, Cellfire also offers discounts on other goods and services that can be loaded to your cell phone. Offers currently available (at least for my zip code) include Sears portraits,, and Petoskey, MI, vacations. I'm pretty sure these offers will vary by region, so check and see what's available in your area. These offers can be saved to your cell phone, and you redeem them by displaying the offer on your phone to the merchant.

I have used quite a few Cellfire grocery coupons, and they have always come off without a problem. I have personally not used any of the non-grocery offers, but the Sears portrait ones seem to come up pretty often, so I might use one of those to get my daughter's pictures taken sometime soon.

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