Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Save even more at Walgreens!

Look for this booklet at your Walgreens stores. My store had them on the rack with the weekly ads; I think some stores also may have them laying on the checkout counters. The coupons in the book are all Walgreens store coupons, which means you can combine them with a manufacturer coupon and get some really great deals. The best one to use this week is for $2 off Theraflu: Buy 1 Theraflu @ $4.99, use a $2 printable coupon and the $2 Walgreens store coupon, pay $.99, and get a $3 Register Reward, for a profit of $2! (If you aren't familiar with Register Rewards or the Walgreens system, check out my post here.)

The coupons are all good for the rest of this year, but there are a couple others that I think could be useful in the near future: $2 off Triaminic and $1 off children's Tylenol or adult cold, sinus, or allergy Tylenol. When I was at the store the other night, I noticed that both of these products had signs advertising a month-long deal to get a $5 Register Reward when you buy 2. I think it's very likely that they will go on sale before the end of the month, so if you combine a sale with a manufacturer coupon, the Walgreens store coupon, and the Register Reward, it could make for even more cheap or free cold medicine. Tis the season for the best deals on cold medicine, so these coupons can definitely help you stock up for very little money.

A couple other notes about Walgreens store coupons in general:
  • When you use a store coupon, the cashiers do not need to keep them for their drawer, so you can just get one book and use the same coupons over and over again.
  • If you buy multiple items in one transaction (let's say, 2 bottles of Tylenol), the cashier will only scan the store coupon once, but it will take off the coupon amount for each bottle purchased.


  1. Melissa, I am learning so much! I really need to get organized and start figureing things out locally. It looks like I could save a ton if I took one of my days off and just hit all the stores for the sale things and such. I'm so glad you have made this blog. :)

  2. I never could find one of these books at my Walgreens. Maybe this week? Stopping by from your vocal point post.

  3. Heather - I'm glad you're finding it helpful. It really is amazing how much you can save on everything. When I first started doing this, I was really kind of annoyed that I actually paid for some of this stuff for so long!

    Together We Save - Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you find the books. Did you try asking a manager about them? Or a BA? The BA's are always the most helpful at my store.