Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Do-It-Herself Home Depot Workshop

If you're feeling handy or would like to learn more about home repairs, you might want to check out this FREE Do-It-Herself kitchen remodeling workshop at Home Depot. Learning how to do some household repairs/updates yourself can definitely save you quite a bit of money over time, so investing some time in a workshop like this could pay off down the road. I've always thought these workshops sounded kind of fun too, but I've never had a chance to go. If you do go, I'd love to hear what you thought of it!


  1. I've been to several in the past and loved them. The first one I went to was how to use power tools. We made flower window boxes (mine is quite wonky looking, but I made it!) and got to use a circular saw, jigsaw, dremel, and some others. I also got some stuff like earplugs, safety glasses and a carpenter's pencil. They were also giving away a HD gift card, but since there was only two of us in that one, we got to split it. The other two I went on were about tiling floors and decorative painting techniques. I didn't think they were doing them any more, but just saw them advertised today when I went to HD for something. It's great fun and you do learn a lot!

  2. That does sound really cool! Unfortunately, it's about a 30-mile drive to our nearest Home Depot. So...probably no workshops for me :(