Monday, September 7, 2009

Staples - Free Peachtree Pro Accounting Software

If you need accounting software, this is the week to get it! Staples has Peachtree Pro Accounting 2010 free after rebate this week. It is on sale for $165 ($199-$35 "instant savings"), and you get $165 back via rebate. Also, most, if not all, Staples take competitor coupons, so if you have an Office Depot or Office Max coupon (e.g., $10 off a $40 purchase), you could use that and get an even better deal. (You will still get the full $165 rebate back.)

I know rebates in general sometimes get a bad rap, but I have done several Staples rebates in the past and have had very good experiences. Assuming this is actually a Staples rebate, not one from the manufacturer, it should work the same way. When your receipt prints, you will also get the rebate form, which you can mail in, or you can submit the rebate online at Personally, I prefer the online submission - it's quick and painless, and I can do it the same day so I don't forget about it. After you submit the rebate, you can also track it online to make sure it's going through okay. All in all, I think Staples has a good rebate program, and I feel comfortable using it; we have always gotten our money back promptly.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! We are working on expanding Kevin's music therapy business, and I knew that we needed some type of accounting software, but it's so expensive! We didn't get a Staples ad this week, so I wouldn't have known about it if you hadn't posted. I'm going to get our copy tomorrow!

  2. So, in general, I'm a big fan of rebates. I think there was one time I didn't get my money, and one time where I had to harass the company to get it, but other than that I haven't had any problems. My suggestions for people are to make copies of everything they submit for a rebate in case it gets lost in the mail and you have to resubmit it. Also, on the copy, write the date that you send it in. Most rebates will give you a timeframe of when to expect your money. That way, you'll know if you don't get it in time and you can contact the company (that information is usually on the rebate form as well). When the rebate comes, I just throw the copy away. And, most companies will let you track it on the internet which makes it more convenient.

    This particular rebate, though, is more obnoxious. It can't be submitted online, and you have to register the product before submitting the rebate. I finally had to call the 800 number as I never got the activation email when I tried to register online. It also looks like the program will be a little tricky to install as I have to adjust settings on my firewall and anti-virus software. But we needed the program, and as long as we get our rebate, and the program works like it should, it will all be great. Thanks again for posting this - I would have totally missed it otherwise!

  3. I'm glad it helped! Sorry it was kind of a pain, though. Most rebates at Staples are the "easy" kind that you can submit online, but I guess this one wasn't. But I agree with you - if it can save almost $200, I can deal with a little hassle!