Sunday, October 25, 2009

Menards - Free Super Glue, Floor Cleaner, & $.79 Salsa

There are several rebate deals at Menards this week. Here are the ones that stood out to me:

6-pk. Fix-All Super Glue
@ $2 - $2 mail-in rebate = FREE after rebate
Limit 2 six-pks. per household

Carpet or Hard Surfaces Flooring Cleaner @ $3 - $3 mail-in rebate = FREE after rebate
Limit 2 cleaners per household

Chi-Chi's Salsa, 16 oz. @ $1.79 - $1 mail-in rebate = $.79 after rebate

Castilla Bird Feeder @ $4.99 - $4 mail-in rebate = $.99 after rebate
Limit 2 feeders per household

20' Outdoor Extension cord or 3-outlet Power Stake @ $3.99 - $2 rebate = $1.99 after rebate
Limit 5 cords or stakes per household

Prime Vision or Rally Wiper Blade @ 2/$3 (not a rebate deal, but seems like a decent price to me)

There are some additional things to be aware of concerning Menards rebates. For items that are simply free after rebate, you are required to also purchase $10 of products that are not free after rebate. However, you should be able to count items that have rebates but are not free toward that $10. If you don't want or need anything else, you could also get a $10 gift card to meet that purchase requirement. Most (maybe all?) Menards also accept competitor coupons, so if you have a coupon for money off your next order at another hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe's, you could use that to get an even better deal.

Unless otherwise noted, all rebates are submitted directly to Menards, not to each individual manufacturer, so you can submit everything all at once. Also, the rebate will come in the form of a merchandise check, which is good only at Menard's. However, you can "roll" your Menards gift checks, meaning that you can use your merchandise check from one week to purchase the rebate items for another week. By doing this, you will minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

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