Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JCPenney Rewards

I recently received an email from JCPenney about their new JCP Rewards program. In my opinion, the best part is that when you sign up, you get a coupon for $10 off any purchase. Since the minimum purchase requirement is only $10, that means you could get $10 worth of free stuff! According to the email I received from them, you register a credit or debit card with your rewards account, and then you get points for purchases made with that card. When you get enough points, you can redeem them for additional $10 coupons. Go here to sign up.

1 comment:

  1. Love this program! I think you can only get one $10 reward per month, and they email it to you so it's very easy. And they sometimes run promotions where you get extra points for purchasing certain things. I haven't made as much use of it as I would like (it would be impossible for me to only spend $10 in JCP!), but I have gotten a couple.