Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jewel - Amazing deals this week (more free ice cream)!

Jewel has a truly fantastic Catalina deal this week - so good that I was able to get everything pictured above for $.59, plus make a $10 profit in catalinas (see the end of my post for more details on this shopping trip)! The promo is, buy $30 worth of select Unilever, General Mills, or Kimberly Clark products, and get $15 back in Catalina coupons. As I have mentioned before, the $30 threshold for these types of deals is based on whatever the products scans at before you scan your preferred card. This is the beauty of Jewel Catalina deals! And, although the deal is advertised as "buy $30, get $15," you can stack up to 3 deals per transaction, meaning that if you buy $60 or $90 worth, you will get back $30 or $45, respectively.

This promotion includes a wide variety of products, and you can get everything from Breyer's ice cream to Chex mix to paper towels for pennies on the dollar.

Here are some of the items that struck as especially good deals, plus some coupon match-ups and sample scenarios. Please note that pre-preferred card prices may vary some by store. Because of the nature of this deal, anything that has a preferred card price of half of less than what it scans for will essentially be free after the catalina. Most of the things on the list below are free (or better!) after coupons and the catalina deal.

Knorr Rice Sides @ $1.89 pre-card/$1.49 preferred. $1/3 printable coupon here or here (note on the second printable: the coupon is on pg. 2; it prints from a Save-a-Lot site, but it should be a manufacturer coupon that you can use anywhere). Also, every time I have bought these, I get a coupon for more, usually something like $1 off 4 or $2 off 8.
Lipton dry soup mix @ $1.99 pre-card/$.99 preferred. I don't think there are any coupons for it, but it's on sale for half of what it scans, so it's free after the catalina!
Green Giant Corn, Peas, or Green Beans, 11-15 oz. @ $1.29 pre-card/$.79 preferred. These make good fillers if you need something cheap to bump your total up over the $30/60/90 threshold.
Progresso Broth @ $2.99 pre-card/$1.49 preferred. Use $.50 coupon from 10/4 insert or printable coupon from
Progresso Rich & Hearty Soup @ $2.79 pre-card/$1.49 preferred. Use $1/3 printable, $1.10/3 printable from, or the $.50/2 coupon from 9/13 or 10/25 inserts.
Progresso Bread Crumbs @ $2.99 pre-card/$1.99 preferred. Use $1/2 printable coupon from (good on any Progresso products except soup and broth).
Chex mix @ $2.99 pre-card/$1.69 after. Use $.50/1 coupon from 10/25 insert (good only on chocolate flavors), $.50/2 from 10/4 insert, or $.50/1 printables from (there are two, one is good only on chocolate flavors).
Gold Medal Flour @ $3.29 pre-card/$1.99 preferred. Use $.50 coupon from Eat Better America.
Yoplait Yo-Plus, Fiber One, or Delights 4-pk. yogurt @ $3.39 pre-card/$2.49 preferred. Use $1 coupons from 10/4 or 9/13 inserts, $1 printables from, $1.25 printables here and/or here, or $1 printables here, here, and/or here.
Wishbone salad dressing @ $2.49 pre-card/$1.99 preferred. Use $.75 printable coupon.
Breyer's ice cream @ $5.99 pre-card/$2.99 preferred. Use $.75 coupon from 10/18 insert or $1/2 printable coupon (note on the printable: the coupon is on pg. 2; it prints from a Save-a-Lot site, but it should be a manufacturer coupon that you can use anywhere).
Hellmann's Mayonnaise, 22 oz. squeeze bottle @ $5.39 pre-card/$2.99 preferred. Use $1/2 printable coupon (the coupon is on pg. 2; it prints from a Save-a-Lot site, but it should be a manufacturer coupon that you can use anywhere). And, make sure you get the right size and type of bottle - other varieties are included in the sale, but not all have the same pre-preferred price, which could throw off the total you need to get your catalina.
Scott paper towels, 1 ct. Mega Roll @ $1.99 pre-card/$1.29 preferred. Use $1/4 coupon from 11/1 insert.
General Mills Cereal
Cheerios, 8.9 oz. @ $2.99 pre-card/$1.88 preferred.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 12.8 oz., or Golden Grahams, 12 oz. @ $2.79 pre-card/$1.88 preferred.
Trix, 10.7 oz. @ $3.09 pre-card/$1.88 preferred.
Use $.55 Cheerios coupon from, $.55 Cinnamon Toast Crunch coupon, $1/2 coupons from 9/27 or 11/1 inserts, $1/3 coupon from 10/4 insert, or $1/2 printable coupon.

And, here are the details from my trip earlier today:

5 Progresso Rich & Hearty soup @ $2.79 pre-card/$1.49 preferred = $13.95/$7.45
5 Yoplait @ $3.39 pre-card/$2.49 preferred = $16.95/$12.45
5 Progresso chicken broth @ $2.99 pre-card/$1.49 preferred = $14.95/$7.45
12 Knorr Rice Sides @ $1.89 pre-card/$.99 preferred = $22.68/$11.88
11 Lipton soup mixes @ $1.99 pre-card/$.99 preferred = $21.89/$10.89
1 can Jewel pears @ $1 (a filler so I could use the full amount of a $5 catalina coupon)

Before preferred card: $91.42
After preferred card: $51.12
Minus coupons:
$4 off $40 purchase (Look out for these coupons - they may either print after your transaction, or you might find them lying around the check-out areas. I found this one in the bottom of a shopping cart.)
(5) $.50/1 Progresso broth
(5) $1/1 Yoplait
(1) $1/3 Progresso soup
(1) $.50/2 Progresso soup
(1) $1.75/7 Knorr sides (coupon received from buying Knorr on my last trip)
(1) $1.25/5 Knorr sides (also received on my last trip)

I then paid with $35 in catalina coupons from previous trips and $.59 in cash ($.47 of which was tax) and got $45 back in cats! And to think that I used to refuse to shop at Jewel because I thought they were too expensive...

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